Changing keyboard settings

Using the radio button on the install page to select German or English key layout for console my not work with all images.

It depends on the ubuntu version, for 12.04 it should be working. In dependence of the selection /etc/init/console-setup.conf is edited at first boot. The last line within this file staring with 'exec loadkeys' is activated or deactivated.

Changing a language or location setting of the LINUX GUI should be done with the GUI tool or by command line.

Using the GUI Interface for changing keyboard settings

Application Menu → Settings → Keyboard



(Console settings are only effected if the console is a GUI console.)

Other ways of configuring

via command line

With „loadkeys de“ you can set to German keyboard for the current session.

via dpkg

run „dpkg-reconfigure console-data“ to run the set-up.

via Xming arguments

Add “-xkbmodel pc105 -xkblayout de“ to the start up arguments in the Xming short cut in settings.txt

Xming page

Xming fonts page

Xming client Windows font tools zip download

ATENTION! Some LINUX setting will course errors because coLinux kernel or modules want be able to support the changes. There are other files within LINUX that may effect this settings. /etc/default/console-setup and /etc/default/keyboard my also be in use. Xming Don't install anywhere other than the default directory unless you really know what you are doing, e.g. use directory 'C:\Program Files\Xming' on Windows. If Xming my also be installed within a subdirectory named Xming of your speedlinux installation. Other directorys cant be automatically recognised by the installer.

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